The very second that you can, praise, but do make sure that it is well deserved.

Be careful here; discipline with warnings. First insure that all children know the rules and most importantly, know why the rules are in place. Define the rules, explain the rules and then give examples (real ones where possible).

When children break a rule, take them aside and remind them of the rule. Get them to tell the rule (to ensure you know that they know the rule that they have broken). This is a warning, next time they will have a 5 minute time out. Next time, give them 5 minutes time out. In Physical Education they stand/sit on the side and watch the class. In the classroom they may sit isolated. Or, miss Golden Time.

Once the child is back with the class, find the very next opportunity to praise them for doing the correct action, for making the right choices.

To avoid all this in the first place, start with drawing attention to the good children:

Me: “Sally is sitting with her legs crossed, not talking to her friends. Sally is ready.”

Me: “David is putting up his hand and not saying my name over and over and over again.”

Student: “Ms Massie. Ms Massie. Ms Massie.”

Me: “Good thing I like the sound of my name.”