Parent Teacher Interviews

Note: I am using the term, ‘parent’ to refer to any named person that cares for the children, be it, foster parents, childminder, carer, grandparents and or parents are referred to as ‘parent’ here.

“Yeah! Parent teacher interviews cancelled because of the pandemic.”

I like parent teacher interviews. They give me a great insight into the children’s lives out with school. You can hear and see the parents of the children. Some, you can smell. The way that they talk, dress, present themselves helps me to understand the children on a deeper level.

Children are a product of their environment and life experiences from the time that they were conceived (think Alcohol Syndrome babies, mother’s nutrition or lack thereof, exposure to smoke.) Parents' mannerisms are a window into the why and how children react the way that they do to the surrounding environment.

And then there are the parents that don’t show up which sends a clear message regarding the support, nurture, and care that the children might be receiving? Are the parents interested enough in their children’s lives to attend parent teacher interviews? Yes, some can’t attend - I am referring to the others that are able to attend but choose not to.

Footnote: One of my favourite feedback from a parent was that her son liked my class so much because I am strict and funny.

Nugget: Control the way that you respond to what is happening around. You are the only one that is in control of you. Your parents, teachers and friends can tell you what to do, think, actions to take, but ultimately, you are in charge of you.

Nugget: Name calling: A child by any other name would be as sweet. Call out the children’s name frequently. Name calling sparks the children’s identity, confidence, well-being, beginning noticed; calling out children’s names gives them a sense of belonging.