Children want to be an adult, sadly. They want to act out adult behaviour; put a doll or a truck in their hands and observe. They want to vacuum like you, put on mascara like you, shave like you; let them, but obviously within reasonably safety.

Give your children as much responsibility as is age/ maturity appropriate (sometimes you may give them too much or too little - don’t worry - you’ll work it out). Invite children to cut vegetables, stir the pot of boiling pasta, open the oven with oven mitts on to check the cookies. Teach them the correct way to be safe in and around the kitchen. Children’s trust in you will be nurtured and then, when there is another situation that needs to be dealt with, they will trust you.

Substance abuse, stealing, sexual relationships may arise and you will want to discuss this with your children; because you have built a secure foundation, your children will respect your advice, and they will listen to you. This applies to parents, carers as well as, teachers and community workers.

Lighten your load; teach them where the carrots, apples, oranges are; teach them how to prep food; they'll love helping and learning and spending time with you.