The Octopus Game

Below is a game along with how I would deal with any cheating.

Student: "Ms Massie, Johnny is cheating! I caught him and he is not being a seaweed!"

The game is called, 'Octopus'. One person is the octopus. All others stand at one end of the area.

They shout, "Octopus, octopus, can we cross the deep blue sea?!"

"Only if you have.... blue shoes on. ... red hair ...."

Those cross safely. All others then run and the Octopus grabs them. If grabbed they become seaweed. Stuck, but can try to reach out and grab others as they cross the deep blue sea - back and forth - repeat until you want to stop or one person left.

Student: "Ms Massie, Johnny didn't become a seaweed! He's cheating!"

Teacher: "You know what I do with cheaters?"

Student: "Uh??" puzzled looking expression.

Teacher: "I ignore them."

More puzzled looks.

Teacher: "Let them cheat. They are only cheating themselves."

Note: This also saves you having to discipline the cheater and spending way too much time on them instead of on the game or the honest players.

Now, next time I have the power to pick the next Octopus or another special post, I inform the cheater that I am not picking them because they cheated when they were tigged

Teacher: "And now I do not trust you. You have to gain my trust back."

The child learns a good lesson, a powerful lesson on cheating and being a cheater and not getting away with it (and may be ridiculed by his mates

And another thing - hopefully his peers will learn from their pal’s mistake.

A Powerful Message

"You are only cheating yourself."

"I need to know what you don't know so that I know what I need to teach you. If you copy other's work then I won't know."