Stay In Control

You will continue to suffer if you react to everything that is said to you or said about you behind your back. True inner power comes from stopping and observing others with logic. True inner power is restraint and resilience. If words and actions control you then that means that anyone else can control you. Quietly observe, reflect, breath and take a physical step back. Think before you react.

When It Gets Heated

If you are subject to verbal abuse (by a student, a parent, a colleague, or anybody), do not react right away. Stop. Think. Keep your cool. React. If you respond in the same way that the person verbally attacking you is speaking, they have won. They have roped you into their web of meanness, they’ve got you right where they want you; you are attacking just like they are. You are the company that you keep. If you respond in the same manner that you are being attacked, you are no different than them.

Keep your distance by physically moving away from the verbally attacking person; make a physical barrier. Breathe. Listen to them, reiterate what they are saying so that they can hear what they sound like. For example, “So, you are saying, ‘You are ugly!’, correct?”, but be careful not to be patronising. Repeating what the attacking person has said may help them to hear what they sound like. They may take time to think… they may not. Let them scream and shout, but don’t react immediately. You not reacting may get them angrier, but eventually they will run out of steam. If they are not getting a reaction for you, they may give up.

Nugget: Once you’ve got the ‘know how’, combined with creativity; a key, contributing ingredient you may utilize, you will become a fantistice problem solver.