Helping With Teaching helps teachers and parents and anyone else who wants to help children learn. There are plenty of resources along with guidance on how these can be best utilised, whether that be in the classroom or at home. Parents can take advantage of decades of classroom expertise provided by our team of experienced teaching professionals. This includes invaluable insights into how a combination of discipline, motivation, structure, and social interaction - be it games, cooperative learning teams and/or play - can provide the ideal environment for excelling in an educational setting.

Classroom Management

Read strategies that you can use in the classroom to create a safe, comfortable, and effective learning environment that will benefit all students ... and you too!

Dealing With Stuff

There are 101 (then more) things that teachers are challenged to deal with. For example, find out how to deal with cheating, stealing, and a left-out child.

Golden Rules

Diane, our main contributor, explains her golden rules and how they make teaching more effective and more enjoyable.


Use a variety of strategies for dealing with everyday classroom issues.


Browse a range of specific resources to help with day-to-day teaching. These include games (to remember names) and handouts for parents. is the most recent addition to the Helping With Things family of websites. You might find the big sister, of interest and useful.